IT-IMS Training with Placement in Chennai

Infrastructure Management Service or IMS

IMS is a process that requires a specialized team to operate, monitor fault control and optimize information technology to increase the reliability of the IT infrastructure. IMS enables customers to identify efficiency improvement opportunities, design the right solutions for their operating environments and finally plan and implement a solution that delivers measurable performance improvements. Precisely defines, IMS ” Provides Stable Environments for Increasingly Sophisticated and Demanding Applications”. It can be offered as an

  • Onsite IMS
  • Offshore IMS or as a
  • Hybrid model with  partly offshore and partly on-site management

The Need for IMS

Today, businesses are tightly embedded with information technology system that plays a pivotal role in establishing its infrastructure. Incase of failure, it can prove to be a disastrous. Enterprises are under increasing pressure to improve service levels. Growing applications like Content Management, Datawarehousing, Enterprise portals etc., demands additional loading of IT infrastructure. All this leads to complex Infrastructure and managing the same is becoming Herculean Task. The cost of Downtime is higher especially when it comes to productivity of staffs.

How IMS Benifits Enterprises

  • On going visibility  infrastructure.
  • Traces IT infrastructure to their business strategy, processes  and applications for maximum business values.
  • Builds an IT infrastructure that they can leverage for maximum business value:.
  • Maximizes return on their IT investment.
  • Reduces IT costs and complexity.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.
  • Focus on core competencies.
  • Frees up capital and IT staff for more  strategic activities.
  • Streamlines operations through a single point of contact and accountability.
  • Enhances decisio-making with accurate event reports that demonstrates business value.
  • Adapts to changing requirements through flexible contract.


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