Networking training in Chennai

In Todays Scenario, it is the Competency of a candidate, which will fetch them good career cum placements. But the word Competency is a wide term & the development of same is infinite process. However we can conclude that,

  • Good Academic Performance
  • Good Soft skills
  • Sufficient Industrial Awareness
  • Hands-on Multiple Skills

will not only get a student, bright job, but also helps him to retain the job and grow in his career.


IIHT-VADAPALANI & its unique College model will prove immense benefit to Students and College. Well designed Non-Commercial & Commercial Projects & Programs will, for sure bring

  • sufficient Industrial Awareness
  • Good Softskills
  • Hands-on Multiple Skills to the students

which will help him during his days of campus interview. The same will increase the reputation of College.
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It is an Non-Commercial Project, which comprises host of 17 services. The College Management has to select best of (to whom this project has to be delivered) 2year students. IIHT-VADAPALANI will deliver all the service to the selected 2 departments as a non-commercial mode. IIHT-VADAPALANI will discuss with management of college on availability of time & at the free time of students, this project will be delivered.

NOTE: This project is designed to Enhance the performance of students. IIHT-VADAPALANI will take enough precautions to make sure that, it will not spoil Academic performance of the students.


It is an One Day course delivered by IIHT-VADAPALANI in colloboration with Leading MNC ‘s like Microsoft, Redhat, Sunmicrosystems etc, to the students of your college. Leading Technologies of IT industry like Windows, Linux, SunSolaris 10 will be trained to students.

The participating students of the program will avail participation certificate from Microsoft, Sunmicrosystems, Redhat etc.,, along with Course materials. This program can prove immense benefit to students by bringing real-time scenario and technology of IT industry.

This program comes from IIHT-VADAPALANI in Non-commercial mode. However, minor administrative cost is involved to deliver this program, the students will be charged a minor value of not more that Rs. 150/- each.

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Apart from above IIHT-Vadapalani offers services like,

  • 3I Program
  • Technical Workshop
  • IT-News Powered by IIHT-Vadapalani
  • Technology presentations
  • Free Placement Memberships
  • Personality Development Program
  • Attitude Development program
  • Technical Debates, to college under Non-Commercial Mode.

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